Possible Addition to Crafting - Fail to Craft?

So just throwing out a quick suggestion out here…

Whenever crafting something that you learned from a blueprint or research kit there is a chance that you will fail at making the item and lose part of the materials needed to make the item.

Something in this manner. Not going to go into details because I’m not very creative but you get the point.

The problem with this idea is there would need to be some way to track how many items of each craftable item you’ve made. This tracking would have to reduce the chance of fail, essentially showing your progressive skill development. With the time implementation that crafting requires, I think a chance of failure would be a bit overboard.

I think its a good idea for the first few attempts to make something. but after a couple times it should no longer happen. essentially its a “learning” period for each blueprint

It definitely would expand gameplay for failure to craft but I think that crafting times wont agree with what we have to make. An example would be a wooden ceiling, they take loads of plays with a combined amount of time. If we were to have a chance to fail, I don’t think many players would like it. Just kind of a thought when it comes to something like this.

There is already this. When you craft a weapon, you get a random amount of attachment slots(which is silly I think) so when you craft an m4 with just one or no attachment slots, it is generally “useless”, and you failed to craft.