Possible AU/NZ Server?

Hello fellow Survivors and developers!

My name is Ryan, I bought rust 2 days ago, and a certain question is bought up when im downloading the game.
"Will there be any Oceania Servers for Rust?" :quagmire:

I have seen a thread like this before and if you agree, please say so on the poll.
We do get quite bit of lag, and it’s very hard to shoot or control your character if the commands are delayed by lag.

I hope Garry see’s this. So keep this post active!

Anyways, peace out

— Ryan (GingerX)

As im from australia I do think it would be good but I’m sure Gary has looked at the split of different connections and would know what areas would actually make sense.

I’m sure it’s in the plans, but in Alpha/Beta I don’t really see it occuring. Rest assured it’ll most likely happen.

The better question is how many people would actually be on the au server? It’s not worth it for FP or the players themselves if it peaks at 10 on a weeknight.

Yes, a few tabs on the servers list would be amazing, i would love to go on and see a country selection.
I would love to be able to click on Australia and have great ping and play with australians :slight_smile:

That’s what the poll is for, The amount of “Yes” we can gather. The more chance of it happening.

The page has 117 viewers. and only 17 votes. C’mon guys, vote so we can make It happen!

an AU server?

Why do you people suggesting on the most expensive thing? Do you know how much it would cost to make a server purely out of gold?

I play on the US server and the ping is fine for most things apart from shooting.

Obviously, you’re fine with not having a server because you have a good priority towards the US and Europe servers. While other do not have a good priority. :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t live in the Oceania regions, but firmly believe there should be an Oceania server. It would help the NA or EU servers become less congested, and lower lag. Everyone wins! Except Garry maybe, seeing as how he has to pay for the servers. :confused: