Possible bug: briefly invulnerable when checking a box?

Earlier today while playing rust, I went into some guy’s base and started looking in his large crates for loot (as one does in Rust). I noticed a bit of lag while initially looking in the crate: my inventory screen came up imediatly but the box contents took a moment. While looking at the box contents and deciding what to steel, I take a hit from a spear. I exit the box, run like hell a guy chances me, I down him with an arrow.

While he’s down on the ground, he calls me a hacker. I respond with indignity and confusion, because I’m not a hacker (I didn’t get banned from the server, this isn’t one of those posts). He says he hit me seven times with his spear. Like I said, I only “felt” one and then ran like hell. My point is I think there is some sort of bug at play here, like it takes a moment for the server to send box content info to a client when a box gets searched, and during that moment the searcher is invulnerable. Anyone else see something like this?

that may just be lag on his side going to the server, while the server is sending you info