Possible "canon" explanation for airdrops/caretakers

In Philip K. Dick’s short story “Autofac”, humans create a network of self-conscious super-factories of sorts directly prior to a large scale nuclear war, like the one that presumably takes place a couple hundred years before your first day in Rust. Basically, the factory is able to communicate with a large network of automatons, each specialized to a different task (material location, material harvesting, material transport, even a humanoid model that collects quality a of a service information from the humans). The factory hunts down whatever raw materials remain, processes them into necessary products (food, clothes, equipment, etc), and ships them off to the humans. I may be missing/misremembering some details, I encourage you to read it for yourself because it is pretty short. Planes drop supplies from the factory, caretakers roam the Earth collecting available resources (from a separate pool thannthe one players draw from perhaps so we’re not competing with them). Just an idea!

Not read that but that is freaky it sounds a lot like the back story i wrote for rust not long back.

here it is if you are interested

not gonna clutter you theard with it :slight_smile:

Also, here’s a fun thought: in another of Dick’s stories titled “Perky Pat”, the survivors of a hydrogen bomb war live on the ruined surface all across the county. Martians airdrop them necessities because they feel obligated to do so. So between securing airdrops, hunting for food, and building their homes from scrap (sound familiar?) they play a game called Perky Pat where they build little scale models of pre-bomb life and lead their Pat doll through a simulation of a “normal” day. Basically, they live in Rust world and play OURS like a game!

Im finding that i am more interested in how they work the back story into whats in game then i am the game itself. I have lloads of faith that the game will be utterly enjoyable, im afraid however that there will be a lame story as to how i ended up naked in a field with a rock

The last three times that happened to me, it was because of alcohol.

rust = the hangover: online