Possible Categorized Addons within the "Subscribed" area / Dupe Download Progress

Not sure how far this would go, but hey. It’s worth a shot! Also before bashing me, I’ve searched on here without results, so if i missed something then let me know. I’ll erase this. Also if this is in the wrong section, Let me know too.

Like the title says: The subscribed addon pane to have categories for easier management rather than all being in one area at once? i.e. Maps, Weapon, Model, Tool Etc to filter the list, as well as a “Disabled” Category making things easier.
Speaking of Model, maybe bring that category back? It was in the beta, which was awesome, but was since removed and never to be seen once more. unless someone manages to create an addon for this, then count me in!

Also, one thing that was never implemented was a way to see if deploying dupes are downloading or not, While it’s not a problem if you have super internet, though for some a Progress bar would be nice to ensure it’s actually happening.

What do you guys think? Fire away with the comments.

Pretty good idea actually, and very possible.