Possible DDoS attack? Source engine query flood?

My provider is continually filtering the following DDoS attack:

Our system responded to a (D)DoS against your service with a filter.

Target address:
Attack: a Source Engine Query flood
Filter duration: about 30 minutes

I feel like this is someone attacking my server so that it does not show up on the server list. I did, however, note that a few other very popular servers have drastically lower player counts. Is this a widespread problem? Is this something that rivals the Unity exploit that we saw back on Legacy’s launch? Anyone know?

The server otherwise works fine. No real lag, crashing, etc. Just disappears from the list for awhile. Clever idea if your goal is to damage a server.

Yeah a few servers are encountering these DDOS attacks, the server i play on gets DDOSed 2 - 3 times a day which unfortunately reverts to a save from a couple hours before each time. I have also noticed ThatGemanGuy posting on Twitter that his server is being hit too.

The odd thing is that it’s not affecting performance at all, really. Just making it not show up on the server list for a brief period. My provider is filtering the attacks either way, it’s just a nuisance.

Yeah well the ones I’m talking about full on crash the server, kicking everyone off.

depends what kind of anti ddos you have also :wink:

Indeed. My provider’s seems to be pretty good, as it’s filtering the attacks and the server never really crashes (at least so far).

Same here the server I play on has went down 5 times in the last 3 hours that I am aware of, I gave up playing now for a bit.

Some popular US servers get major DDOs attacks on them. The server I play on was shut down for a day because they had to find a provider with really good DDOS protection. Someone is trying to shut down these - not sure why.

Aye. My server could be considered “popular” I guess (100+ primetime on most wipe cycles), and they tried to bring it down last night. I noticed that PsiSyndicate (another popular modded NA server) was also having issues last night.

Would be great if you guys could share recommendations for providers that are able to provide fantastic DDOS protection for anyone else who’s going through the same hell

I’ve been with Ovh.com for close to a year without any issues, their “Vacuum” filter seems to be doing its job quite well. At my previous host I was getting attacked almost daily… Also heard good things about nfoservers.com DDoS protection but I’ve never used their services.

It’s a huge issue right now, my server, UK Wasteland and also Rustafied are both getting attacks every 30 minutes. I know of around 4 other big servers under constant attack for the last 12-18 hours. Someone is trying to disrupt a large section of the community as a whole.

Its funny how this is the only game ive ever seen get dosed. ive been gaming for years.

Same on our server ‘LesVoisinsGaming’. I know of around 2 other big servers under constant attack too.

Are there any busy servers that aren’t being attacked?

This could be a ploy to get population up on servers run by certain people. Perhaps for some kind of financial gain; donations and such.

Most likely. I’m with NFO, btw. Saw someone mention it above. None of these attacks have ever brought down my server, so that’s a good thing at least.