Possible? Donation system without MySQL?

Hi guyz.

I wonder, is it possible to get a donation system without having MySQL?
Because i really dont know how to work in MySQL

I know how webpages work… and i acutally tried to set up an donation system without MySQL… but it didn’t work :smiley: (info: it wont promote people)
here is a link to that donation system i used “hereeee you go :)”

But what i wanted to know is: is it possible to get a decent donation system (like above) without MySQL? I looked though coderhire but I
think all need MySQL support?

Thank you :slight_smile:

Yes, although this discussion is better suited to the web development subforum.
You could store donator ranks with steamIDs in a JSON or XML file or even a plaintext list and retrieve/edit it with a script.
It would probably be somewhat easy but would take a while to build.

shet… :smiley: yeah I forgot about “web development supforum” sorry about that :slight_smile:

You could run a rcon command on the server when the a client donates. But what if the server can’t be reached at the moment? That’s why that isn’t the best solution.
Storing their donation information somehow is always a good idea.
You don’t need a lot of SQL knowledge to do such things with a MySQL DB.

you are complety right ms333! and i couldn’t agree more! my players need to feel “safe” when they donate. But im just in that case atm that i havn’t got any SQL knowledge at all, and never tried to use it before. And the host im having my webpage supports SQL but im not sure how “good” it is :slight_smile:

sql is great and you sound like you don’t need to store much.

store only their steamID (int), their rank (int) and the amount they paid in usd (numeric) and you will have no problems.
Store anything not generated by you, steam or the paypal API and you run the risk of SQL injection however. (this includes steam names and any other user input)

You have to use SQL. Even the ULX thing you said you tried requires SQL, you just didn’t read.

Didnt read?.. i tried for 4 hours to see if i could work around the mysql… why do you think i would name my thread “donation without mysql”…

Edit: i changed alittle on the thread sonit woundn’t get misunderstanded again

If you’re not using MySQL and don’t want to use RCON you could do something like this:

  • When someone donates, you send a randomly generated key to their email
  • Save the key somewhere in a file
  • In-game, have a command where people can redeem a key from
  • Have your server communicate with a script on your webserver to check the key and reward items.

But I think you’d be best off just learning to work with MySQL and not taking the easy way out.

Yeah maybe you are right. I also think it would be the best to invest some time in learning mysql. But really nice suggestions you guys sre comming with :slight_smile: im really surpriced :slight_smile:

Edit: i just saw something Called “mysqloo” is that like mysql thingy? Im sorry if i ask a stupid question, but i have really not knowlegde on the “mysql” area :slight_smile:

You’re joking right? The donation system you linked HAS A FULL TUTORIAL on how to install it? How hard is it to follow a tutorial? Regardless of weather or not you use mysql, you still need some sort of a database, and trying to use something like json or XML will just over complicate things >_>

Ash47. I didn’t wanna know how “stupid” i am, i wanned to know if it was possible. And even when thing have a full tutorial, is not a garentee that it would work, and especial not when im on an area which i never have tried to be before. Im gonma close this thread now because i got an answer from the kind people above and this is just beginning to get derailed.