possible edits?

is it possible to open a bsp file and edit some spawn points.

Yes its possible.

You could do it with EntSpy and not require a re-compile of the BSP.

Dont recompile Maps, ever I learn’t that the hard way.

Can I have the download link for EntSpy? The mappers encylopedia link for it is broken and google didn’t help.

Pirated vmf decompiler will do it.

Do you mean the absolutely free .bsp decompiler? Even if you do decompile a map using it, don’t ever re-compile it. It’s stealing someone’s work, and it’s probably going to get messed up.

Download the “update”. Not sure if that requires the older versions though.

wat, how can you pirate something that would be illegal to sell in the first place?

You can add and move spawn points in Lua as well somehow. Which is a better idea because then you don’t mess with peoples work and people don’t get pissed off. And it doesn’t require an alternate version of the same map.