possible gman face virus?

ok I joined a server (darkrp on flatgrass don’t ask why. I felt really bored) so I joined and no one was there, I walk forward to this thing that turned out to be an expression 2. I clicked it then a millisecond after I remembered that someone said not to click them because that they can cause the virus. I instantly closed gmod, though just before I heard a slight sound starting. Afterward I checked my lua and config folders, I couldn’t find anything suspicious but before I start up gmod again I was wondering if you think I have the virus from what I’ve said…

You probably do, or perhaps the virus was stopped while uploading. I recommend you do a virus scan, just in case it can detect it, and if the slight sound persists, then clear your gmod folders. If it still keeps on going, if you really think it necessary, system restore.

Errr. Expression 2’s can’t give lua “viruses”. Unless the owner of the server codes his own lua script that lets Expression 2 do so.

  1. No it doesn’t.
  2. No it doesn’t.

Holy shit dude lol, This is scary!

ok the server was called vinscript something some made up gamemode I’m sure… oh crap…

ok I’m fine i started up gmod yesterday nite after seeing the first comment and everything was fine. no virus. its all good.