Possible Gmod virus

Well while playing gmod it just freezes for a couple of minutes and the textures in game completely fuck up and also the skybox shows some random textures. Is this a possible virus and if so how do i remove it?

Happens sometimes it can be easily fixed by restarting Gmod or sometimes rejoining server/singleplayer.

There are no lua viruses, and that should go away when you restart, normally happens when you tab-alt, sometimes during lagspikes.



can also happen if your graphics card is starting to heat up

This is why I wrote that article on ‘lua viruses’.

Reconnecting doesn’t solve it I have to quit and re open gmod. It happens every time and it shits me. The text goes similar to that of that gmod9 virus.

Post your computer specs.

Sounds like your GPU is overheating.

well my 8800gtx is like at 60oc on idle. I guess the dust has gone to it haven’t cleaned my case in like 8 months.

Yeah… my 9800GTX used to idle at 60C… it’s dead now. Try to get some load temps, but even if they are low, your VRAM could be dying anyway.

well wow

It only happens for gmod. Could it be that i play in windowed mode and constantly switch between gmod and msn?

Lol Msn.
Minimizing the game does this too sometimes for me, but i dont run in windowed mode.

Window mode methinks is your problem

No, I don’t think so.


Minimizing the game when I don’t run in Windowed mode sometimes makes glass, reflections and some other parts pink/purple.


Not likely.

It’s your graphics card overheating.

Lua does not have enough control over GMod to change all textures (Easilly) and if you were to join a server with scriptenforcer and found you still had problems, it is definately not an issue with Lua.

It was windowed mode.