Possible Hacking or Potentially Fatal flaw with the Game

After logging in today I was sitting in my house and sudden got hit, i looked around and saw no one, i was hit again and killed. A player named Vorgon somehow managed to get into my house and was invisible as he killed me. He took my gear and killed me again and i was forced to log off to prevent losing any more of my equipment. I have had a Desyncing problem once before where a friend i was playing with was invisible for a few seconds, but this guy was only invisible for the time he was killing me. Usually the only thing that fixes a Desync is re-logging, but Vorgon was visible after he killed me. The chances that he Desynced right as he entered my house and stayed that way right until after he killed me seems too irregular. As you can well imagine this event is quite upsetting as i didn’t even have a chance to defend myself. I suggest that either this player be banned for hacking, or an explanation on how the developers are working to fix this issue because as far as I’m concerned, if there is the potential for people to kill you without ever seeing them, the game should not be played. I would hope that if it is just a problem with the game itself that the developers will make this issue one of their top priorities as that is severely unfair to the players to allow that to happen. If anyone else has a similar story i suggest they post it as well.

Further information on this incident: Occurred around 1:10pm EST on the Australian 1 G’Day Matey server.

Bahahahaha complaining that something isn’t working right in an alpha game. Dude expect stuff like that too happen, dont get attached and prepare for the worst at all times. You cannot expect stuff to always be running properly and there is a disclaimer on the front page saying pretty much that. I really highly doubt that anyone has any methods of hacking yet that arent being picked up.

You are an idiot and must be new here. Oh, yah you are… 4 posts. The game is in alpha, yes. This kid can report bugs on the forum and the devs will see it as a major problem and will make it a priority. i didn’t see this as complaining, I saw this as a potential bug that maybe another person has experienced and could post about it here. Quit being a troll. On these forums it wont do you much good, you will just get banned.

I didn’t hack at all lmfao, you obviously logged in and there was de-sync, how could I have known you couldnt see me, I said hello to you like five times then you looked straight at me with your gun so I came at you, assuming you were about to shoot me (pickaxe ownage).
For the record your base had a ramp leading into the window so I didn’t ‘somehow’ manage to get into the base, you failed to place doors on your windows, ceilings on your roof & you logged out in the least secure part of your base. You also hit me once the first time I killed you and multiple times the second and you could obviously see me after you respawned because you threw grenades at me as I ran around a corner in your base.
Even still after all that I’ll still happily give your stuff back, being that had I known you couldn’t see me I wouldn’t have attacked you.

I can’t even…

It’s an obvious problem with the server/game and Vorgon had nothing to do with it, and you come onto the forums practically begging that he gets banned? I was with him when it went down and you were walking around doing nothing while we were trying to get your attention. You aimed your gun at him and he killed you. Simple as that.

Grow up. You lost minimal amount of gear that’s easily obtainable. Don’t come onto the forums begging for someone to get banned just because you didn’t get your way.

Oh also, your base literally had a ramp going up to the 2nd story window which was open. Don’t proclaim that you had a secure base.

The real question here is, was there a ramp placed over a foundation that had a pillar in the middle of it ( to kill the foundation from building on it ) all other issues are in my opinion non issues. With the game in its current state until everything else mentioned in this scenario is fixed. This is a game in development not a game as of yet. There are many things about it that need balancing and or fixing and when it happens to you don’t complain about people hacking. As far as we all know if a person does something that could be considered as hacking he may very well be checking if he can produce the same result at any given time or in certain instances, Thus testing and checking for bugs. Which is what everyone in ALPHA should be doing anyhow. So yeah just report it and let the developers figure out what is a hack and what is not and roll with any of the punches. Don’t complain.

As I said in my first post this was just an attempt to bring a possible problem with the game to the developers, regardless if it was hacking or no, it is still an incident worth reporting as it is irregular and not supposed to happen. I never heard any footsteps, I couldn’t see you or hear your voice. I was crafting walls to block off the ramp when i was hit from behind. And I certainly DID NOT look right at you and point my gun, as i was looking out the window right when you hit me, i turned around and fired but saw no one. I reported the incident with the facts that I had and how it appeared on my end. I welcome your explanation of the event and hold no grudges against you for it, but you must admit that had our roles been reversed you would have thought/ reacted similarly. And as a side note after I respawned I still could not see you and was throwing grenades at random. I only saw you when I walked past the doorway when you got me the second time. Your partner however I saw after I respawned and they climbed in after you took me out.

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Never claimed my base was secure, the word somehow is used to show that I am not sure how he did get into the base not that i thought there was no way. I was aware of the ramp and assumed after the fact that it was how you guys got in. As far as I’m concerned and the people who run this forum are concerned my experience warrants a post BECAUSE THAT’S WHAT PEOPLE ALPHA TESTING DO. We post when we have issues so they may be resolved and fixed. I would suggest you grow up and realize that this is how the world works. People have problems and they seek answers, if the answers are that everything is on the level and the problem is being addressed than so be it, I am perfectly happy with that answer.

You came onto the forums and requested he got banned for a glitch we can’t control. I don’t care if you report a glitch or a problem with the game, just don’t be so cynical about the whole thing.

The reason for alpha is for testers to find problems with it and report to the devs. Learn to not be a stuck up dumb ass before you post.