Possible Hope for Escape

Gray highlights are not cool.


He’s saying there’s not enough contrast/it looks darkened a little.

I like it my child.


How come you hate alll image hosts not blocked by my school? :saddowns:

I’m using uppix.com.

How come you’re browsing Facepunch while you’re at school?

How come there’s something bad about that?

It’s blocked unfortunately.


Nokia n800 web tablet, before and after school, and lunch.

Where is everyone getting the blue suited chell?

[del]She[/del] Butthurter made it :v:

Chell has a pretty face.

Chell made it herself, what?


I tried it once, people will look at you like you’re some wierdo.
Altho I did it in the cafeteria of our school…

Now that I see the image, Chell looks a lot less like a chimpanzee in make-up, but not that pretty…

I love the lighting.

I’ve tried it many times and got no looks.

Oh sorry, I meant Butthurter, she made it.

uhm, what? Are you implying butthurter is female?

thats what she said