Possible issue fix

For the past few days,me and a few friends have been on teamspeak. All of us except for 1 friend have chrome installed and always crash when playing rust. The one friend uses Firefox and has never crashed. The rest of us tried to use Firefox and it never finished downloading. A different friend said that the issue could possibly be chrome interfering with Firefoxes downloading of rust bundles. It was the only thing that would could find to be a major difference between the rest of us. Hopefully this can help you, if not then I’m sorry for wasting your time.

Actually, I’m experiencing the exact same issue. Chrome crashes when I try to play the game all of a sudden, and Firefox hardly loads it halfway before quitting. Internet Explorer just gives me a broken “you have been banned” message.

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Nevermind, it’s something they’re aware of and Garry needs to help with (site problems).

I never even bothered with IE, knew It wouldn’t work

Yes, they know it has to do with chrome but they can not pin point te problem exactly.

It doesn’t hurt to try every browser, and it’s not a problem with Chrome. It’s a site problem.

IE actually worked perfectly (better than the others) for me until they screwed with the graphics and removed the options menu.

Now the game crashes within a minute of being connected to the server, so I have of course moved over to Chrome. Which now doesn’t work either…