Possible Issue - Very High CPU Usage (Server) and Lots Of Random Restarts Post Patch

Hey guys! My server is seeing a ton of random restarts and extremely high CPU usage since the patch. I’m currently averaging 94% CPU usage on my server since the patch this morning which is about 56% higher than normal as my lifetime average is 38%. Not sure if other people are seeing the same thing, but I wanted to bring it up!



Same exact thing is happening to my server also.


guys, you need to create a new seed – my server had this issue and it was due to our old seed was not compatible with the new ProGen7 — generated a new seed and it fixed the crashing and the CPU spikes. If you don’t know how to generate a new seed have your provider do it by filing a support ticket.

Do you mean a new seed (as in, 124235465348 instead of the server’s previous seed of 2345236357 or whatever they are on any given server), or a full map wipe?

Seems weird that procgen would really intensely care about the number you used, unless the number range for seeds has shrunk and servers are using old seed values that are out of the new range, but software’s done stranger things.

a new seed – you need to spawn a whole new map for the new ProcGen7. That was the fix our provider did for our server for the same problem your having. Yes, seed is what you want to change.

I did create a whole new seed, I do with every wipe. I was seed 8675309 lol and now im seed 1550

and you’re still crashing? very odd. I’m not having that problem anymore. I’d drop a note to your provider.

I did, they’re looking into it but they’re using the blanket statement “The patch broke it all, we’re giving the developers all the info we have so they can fix it”

We have similar trouble since update. Last hotfix has made server life somewhat better.
But still we have a low fps, AI stalling, and the problem in my opinion is within the animals (NPCS).

I’ve tried to delete all animals from the world and… voila. Fps hits the ceiling!
By the way, at this moment there were 1530 npcs on my map with 6738 seed and 5000 size. Aren’t this too much?
Gonna check on smaller maps, but hope this’ll be fixed soon.

Few pics.
Before: http://i.imgur.com/qHKDGDK.png
After: http://i.imgur.com/LxoLA5h.png

p.s Although, we did not encountered with the random restarts nor crashes.

I know at a size 5000 it’s a pretty large map and they don’t guarantee performance past the 4000 size. I have my set to the default size of 4000.

Is there a server command to turn off AI for now?