Possible Key Generator?

I was googling playrust.com, and I found this page: http://playrust.com/client/html/admin/betakeys.html
There’s no button to start the generator, so I was wondering if it was real, and if someone could make it work.

It’s not possible to generate keys anymore, they disabled it. Are you really that desperate to get a key that you would try to break the rules?

Banned for hacks

This link gets posted so many times a day. This is what I recommend to do before posting:



No, I wasn’t hacking or trying to. I was looking for the changelog that used to be on the site, so I googled site:playrust.com and got two results, one being that website.

I found this before https://jamesrw.co.uk/rust/ claims to be selling keys.

That’s literally retarded. Kind of knew it was going to happen though. Thought it’d happen on hackforums or something.

$26 USD just to beta test a game? People are acting like it’s an AMAZING-NEW-10/10-GAME when rather it’s actually for beta testing and reporting bugs.

What the fuck is this dude’s FP name?

thats a scam 100%

No paypal either. Does seem pretty scammy. It’s really stupid.

considering the fact how keys are taken in an instant, its a scam

No, there’s no way to get it working. It’s some kind of server-side script, but the server isn’t processing it so it’s just being dumped as HTML. If the server were processing it, it would also be running the IsAdmin() check at the top.

Thing with that site is it’s pretty well designed so anyone gullible could fall for it. Be a good idea to spread it so people don’t get scammed.


not really seeing how that solves anything