Possible lighting bug

Hello everyone. Me and a friend were playing vanilla gmod today and took a bunch of screenshots with the camera. When we checked the screenshots out we noticed one of them had a dark figure on the balcony. Now I know there’s hundreds of fake stories about a garry’s mod ‘ghost’ but we don’t think that’s what it was. We’re just genuinely curious as to what it may have been. We considered it may have been an HEV suit since we spawned in some of those but HEV suits don’t have a head unlike the figure. The other possibility was one of the ragdolls with thrusters somehow flew right onto that specific balcony and perfectly aligned itself upright but that’s way too far fetched. We’d just like to know what other people think this may be because we genuinely can’t figure it out. I’ve included some screenshots, the first one being taken seconds before the one which includes the figure, the second being the figure screenshot itself and the third being a close-up. Thanks!

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Looks like a bug. Must’ve shipped with the latest update.

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I checked, nothing there.

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Erm, is it really a bug?
I took this video and to be honest I am perplexed…
Could it be that it appears at certain intervals? Can anybody else try and replicate this on their machine?

EDIT: Reuploaded video, it’s shitty quality due to 4MB limit


Patch notes:

  • Removed Herobrine
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I must have spent hundreds of hours on this map to develop addons and I never noticed this. After checking, there is nothing.

I tested with “-noaddons -noworkshop” to be sure but nothing changes.

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“hey lets look back on those hot screenshots of rollermines and cans roped together ZOMG WHATS THAT TINY SPEC IS THAT A PERSON???”

cmon dude this gmod creepypasta fad is just lame.

Sorry, my video went down.
If you’re still not 100% sure that this is real then you can take a look at it now.

i think it was a fake or someone change the map and include a trigger or an entity

The map was the default gm_construct, not sure what to say… It was on singleplayer.

I didn’t put anything there. I’m just genuinely asking what it might be.

I don’t wanna be mean, but that doesn’t look real.

Could’ve been my friend, I guess. But I doubt that he’d lie to me.

And I probably would have noticed.

You didn’t want to be mean, but that was really hurtful.
With your logic, you could say your own screenshot isn’t real.
I brought to the table real and concrete evidences.


It’s just not the same thing that I encountered. I took many photos that day and it only appeared on that single screenshot and I didn’t see it ingame outside of that photo. Maybe what you saw there was real but it isn’t the same thing that I saw.

Listen man, we are not supposed to fight, we have one common enemy.
If we start fighting against each other, IT WINS! Whatever it is, it’s getting into our heads.
We need to work together and get this sorted out ASAP, have you had any other encounter after the screenshot?
I’m thinking this could be the work of what is known as the “Globular Combine” AKA Combine Overlord
I have extensive research done, including articles with mysterious deaths that could only point to it being the perpetuator, the victims just disappear without a trace! The scariest thing? They all happen after a certain sighting, one that looks EXACTLY like T.H.E.S.E.
Please reach out to me whenever possible, I have lost too many comrades already, it’s time to finish this.

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