Possible New Exploit?

None of my walls were broken, but all my storage was looted. The only thing out of the ordinary is a large storage crate placed on top of my ceiling by someone else.

I’m thinking there might be some sort of exploit/hack that allows people to loot out of nearby storage from storage placed above.

I checked my door to make sure that someone hadn’t blown it off and replaced it with an unlocked one… that isn’t the case.

This happened at two different houses of mine.

Any ideas?

Blow wall, loot, build a new wall, that might be what they did.

Definitely possible, but then why put the crates on top of both buildings right above my storage?

I did notice a fly-hacker hanging around last night… maybe that had something to do with it.

This might not be in the same category but yesterday I managed to log out on top of my friend on our sleeper server, apperently we were laying straight above each other and when I logged in later on I bugged threw the floor and fell to my death (our camp is high up in the air).
Im thinking that maybe (huge maybe but still) the same bug can be achieved with a box?

We tested this several times, and I bugged through the floor every atempt.

BugZ Shitalone.

fucking genius.

somebody please report this asap.

although once the person is in they cant really get loot back out so they probably just threw all your goods on the ground to vanish. . . .dicks.

Someone who is stuck in someone else’s house can get his loot out by putting a furnace in the wall (or, I think, a large storage in a door) and transferring his items out with the help of a friend. I wonder if there’s an exploit that lets you stick a bed under a door.

I hadn’t realized the furnace trick. That’s true.

I thought that was fixed? I used to see furnaces in walls which I could access from the outside. But since an update I no longer see those…

I just checked it. Definitely not fixed.

yeah because most players learn from their mistakes lol

Alright, here is my experience witht that.

Yesterday i got trapped ina house, so i build myself a storgae box to get onto a barricade (large box)
While im on it i dc due to lagg. Logg bag in and are bugged inside the box.

Cant move and get some wierd teleports going for me (like when u get kicked by a door).

Dc again, when i logg back in im failling through the ceiling into the room beneath.

Didnt think much but it, but now that i see this threat i thought id share.
If anyone wants to check if that bug is reproducable, i told you how to do it :stuck_out_tongue: