Possible por issue?

So I’m switching from my nfo dedi to my Linux box. I’m awfull at getting ports open. I opened 27015&27016&27005 tcp&udp but when I try to connect from my gaming rig I get hung at connectING to server. anyone with more port experience than me help a brother out? Thanks! my dope shoebox server for the lulz

Is your gaming rig on the same network as your Linux Box? If so try connecting with the local ip (typically 192.168.x.x). Also test out http://www.canyouseeme.org/ to see if your ports are forwarded.


the port looks forwarded.

can connect locally
random in my server but no ports open?

Port checkers are not reliable way of determining whether a port is open or not.

Does the server attempt to open ports using UPNP by chance?
I have run into this issue as well before, and it confused me.

Wait, what? You forwarded your ports manually. Of course they’re open. The website said they are closed because it was sending a ping and received no pong. I’m guessing you did it while the sever was turned off?

Nah, the server was up and running when I checked the ports. Which is weird. But I have my bhop server up and running (my first selfhost project using a rig I build from spare parts :D)