Possible Solution against No Clipping Hacks!!!!

Dear Community,

I am three days into the game and as much as I already love the game, I am super annoyed by the no clipping hackers rushing through my walls, killing me at night and looting my hard gained stuff.

This is why I want to propose a possible solution to the programmers and hope that it reaches them this way!
First of all I have no problem with getting raided if somebody takes time and effort to break my front door etc. so my solution accounts for the possibility to raid shelters but safe items against no clipping attacks.

The solution:

  1. A player can always access his boxes, campfires, furnace etc. inside his shelter no matter which condition (He must be able to access it for crafting etc even with a closed door).
  2. Other players can only access boxes, campfires, furnaces etc. if the door of the shelter is open/no door installed/door broken (this leaves the possibility to raid shacks with no doors, doors left open or if somebody actually breaks the door).

This way noclippers can enter the shack and even kill you, but at least not steal your valuables. I hope I did not forget to account for anything, and feel free to add anything. Please, make shure the developpers read this and I hope it may solve a lot of frustration, which is going on at the moment.


yea but what if you break the wall ?

Oh yeah right, I thought about this solution yesterday and forgot to add that part.
In my opinion the only reason you need to bomb/break a wall is if it is a self built building, so what I would do is only make the standard “wooden shelter” protected this way. To enter it you can always break/bomb the front door and if you build your own structure you can build the wooden shelter inside of it as a kind of a safe for valuable stuff.

Would not the best solution to this be to fix the game code?

Yes, indeed! But until that happens it would make all our lifes a lot easier and I suppose it will take time until the code is fixed and nothing is unhackable!

I think it would be a bit strange to have wooden sheltersn evrywhere in your house
but it could possiblie work

Not good, sorry.
What if there are heaps of doors everywhere, some maybe put back to make the building look intact from the outside, or even to lock out the original owners…
Someone is raiding and someone else puts a door in place - raider is not able to access stuff anymore.

Edit: sorry, I did not realise that it was about shelters only…yeah, well, I do not like that idea, it makes a multi-user home into an absolutely useless maze of shelters. We have about 10 big boxes full of things, to lock it all up in shelters…no thanks.

why would you put a shelter inside you base ? Shelters can be detroyed with pick axe it’s a waste of wood putting shelter in you base as well as space

I know the shelters are kind of “waste of wood” but if I would have the possibility I would invest that to be safe from a no clipping hack, at least until the hacker problems get fixed which probably will take some more months. And the only reason for picking a shelter is, that it is “code wise” the easiest way to detect if someone entered with no clipping (and that with self build constructions you also need to incorporate the option for blowing up walls to enter with c4).

I see the point of Brandywine though, I know it is not elegant but instead of loosing stuff all the time because of no clippers I’d prefer the mess with some shelters in the building (and come on a shelter can easily fit 4 boxes or even more if you stack them).

after the update i think hacker cannot move through wall anymore, only aimbot, speedhack, jumphack, and shoot through wall that they still can do, they still need c4 to bust through wall/door or break down shelter

am i wrong?

Well, maybe they tried something there…however within the last day I have been killed within my shelter and looted in other bases I had build without the door even being touched, I saw them coming through the walls while I was standing in my shelter or crafting etc. and it sucks!!!

Just an hour ago it got even worse, they apparently found all my small stashes in my shelters!!! Everything is gone now! My guns, my ammunition, my metal etc…Nothing left…only a couple of shacks with furnaces, campires, workbenches and sleepng bags…Those dirty mother****

As I said I have no problem with being raided fairly, but no clipping into all 4 of my bases at different locations and even emptying all my small stashes that goes to far!