Possible Solution to Maxing Gamma at Nighttime

We all know it’s a huge tactical advantage to turn your gamma all the way up at night so that you can see through all except the darkest stage of nighttime.

I thought a neat way to help deter this would be some sort of ‘fear’ or ‘insanity’ meter that begins to negatively affect your character from roaming about in the dark with no source of light or heat. This way you would either have similar (or worse) symptoms as when you eat raw chicken breast that would make it not cost-effective to just up the gamma and sneak around at night.


Absolutely they need to prevent gamma use but what if someone else has the light source, couldn’t that create (too much) extra load to factor that in.

Apparently changing gamma in ARMA 3 has no effect, so maybe they could look there for answers…

But sneaking out at night is a cool thing, and i wouldn’t want it prevented…
But yeah i totally agree that it seems a bit unfair that some people can orient themselves so much better at night because of gamma

good idea OP. i know in some games I’ve played, darkness work-arounds like upping gamma/brightness result in a wash out (white wash), rather than increased visibility. i don’t know enough about it to be more helpful, but hopefully dev’s will implement something like that.

It’s a nice idea but on their trello page they already have ideas down on how it will become fuzzy at night with a high grammar. I do like your idea but I also like sneaking around at night even with a low gamma.

“Fear” or “insanity” caused by being outside in the dark is, in my opinion, a ridiculous idea. Why should I be more scared about being alone outside in the dark in a video game than I am in real life?

Also, I’ve never adjusted my gamma. I’m not sure what would happen if I did. But I am able to see at all but the darkest two-ish minutes in the middle of the night.

I think it would give a neat element to the game similar to the way Amnesia did. Sure, this isn’t a horror game, but the thought of roaming through a forest filled with bears and wolves and murderous bandits is pretty frightening.

I don’t suppose you have to deal with that every time it’s dark in real life?

Anyways, it’s just an idea.

I can see fine until it goes pitch black. Normal gamma and everything. Maybe get some glasses

You can “see” the majority of the night, but players look like shadows hidden on a dark background. It’s hard to make out detail. If someone is in the forest or cliff rocks, even when it isn’t the darkest point, it’s still tough to see them. Gamma whores have a huge advantage. If you say you can see, well with your gamma up completely, you would be able to see substantially more. Some people on this forum don’t seem to think that exploiting gamma is cheating, but it is. That’s why devs implement work arounds for their games.

wait i got an idea, how about predators + zombies are more sensitive to you at night time… i.e. they will detect you at 2x the normal distance in the dark if you walk near.

Let’s count the number of time’s I’ve died to zombies in Rust in only my first week.


Well, that was fun. Mobs aren’t dangerous enough yet. I’m sure they will be eventually, but add more and make them deadlier and you’ll see people more concerned about running around at night. Also, if you turn your gamma up, you could still just avoid the mobs.

I like adding the fuzz… or a mist that settles on the map at night. That would work too.

They could fix the gamma thing by making all the in game textures slowly fade away i mean i dont know if dynamic textures is even a thing but if you make them get dark and dark until completely black (midnight) then no ammount of gamma would work if there are no textures to see.

Interesting concept, actually. But gamma has to do with light vs dark. Lighter textures will pop more than the darker textures pretty much still giving the advantage to gamma whores. Maybe if the lighter textures burned at a faster rate than darker textures it would even out.