Possible steam bug, Not allowed on gmod servers.

Basically, Kind of a big deal.

I started up steam, said hi to my friends, and one asked to join his game. I did.

Sadly, it came up saying something along the lines of ‘You are required to run steam to join this server’
Strange, so i restarted gmod. (Restarted, not reinstalled).
Same thing happened again.
So i decided to manually join the server, i went to INTERNET SERVERS.
‘You must be running steam beta to use find servers.’
So i told my friend. He said to delete Clientregistery.blob in my steam folder, i did, but still the same Required steam thing happens.

Try going to settings then where it says beta participation click change and click steam beta

that might help

In actual gmod?

Where did you get your Garrysmod from?

Oh, i got it from steam, 100% legit. I r no pirate… arrgh…

Screenshot of your steam games tab please.


There’s a difference between being anti-piracy and being a dick.

OP and me have the same games !!!

Help me out here :frowning:

PakSteam + Cracked Games you sir should be banned

That steam skin is different to the “Real Steam skin”
I can tell your using paksteam

Dude, if you go to settings> interface> Skin> flat obsidan. In steam, you can change your skin to what mine is.
Don’t ban me, bro.

Wow, You, Are retarded.
Get some facts clear before you judge someone.

You can use Steam Beta by pressing somewhere in the settings…

I can tell your lack of knowledge for this platform.


Why Reply?


Get out.

Make sure you’re not running the steam beta as said before, and that your ports are fowarded.

Also, I was checking that he owned the legit steam, because it’s an error that can occur with pacsteam if I remember correctly.

Lol, your banned and your out…

Oh yeah he would need steam beta, it just looked like a pacsteam version since they look the same.

WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU! Sry for bringing this up in particiler but serious you acuse someone for cheating and enoy those why stand up for him, and even use the holey words “Lol, your banned and your out…” *People in here will actully want to learn something, if it was up to me your account would have been on another site maybe havefunwiththecheesecake.com or peoplewhozomgfuckingsuckass.com, BE NICE AND RESPECTIVE OVER OTHERS :smiley: have fun