Possible Timezone Complaint Answer

I live in Eastern Time so Keys hit $40 at Mid-day, so I have no issue with the Auction. But others are having issues.

I know this seems simple but I haven’t seen it be brought up yet.

Instead of having the auction reset every 24 hours, why not have it reset let’s say, 5 minutes after the keys sell out, it shaves off the few hours that the auction sits empty and will most likely it will end a few times a day ( Morning noon and evenings possibly ) opening opportunities to all time zones.

Garry would also start it was a lower price because honestly, no ones paying more than $150 more a key.

And if you’re going to say Garry’s going to loose money!?!?!?!?!?
Well he’s already made $89,076…
And the few people that would buy it ( The idiots ) it wouldn’t loose him hardly any compared the what he would make if he switches.

Say the average person buy it for $50, a reasonable price, and He sells 300-400 keys a day he’s making around 20k

So just share this idea and maybe Garry will do something to help the community and himself.

Same here, the keys get sold when I can’t be next to a PC so I could buy it… I can pay 50-30$, but all I can buy it for because of this timeline is 240$-100$…

You realise they limit it to 100 keys a day because they dont wish the servers to be flooded whilst they test.

Stop yourself Sir. What right do you have to call someone an idiot? - Maybe they’re trying to show their support to Facepunch by purchasing them for higher amount than average. - Have you ever heard of humble bundles?

But I dont like your idea of having keys reset every time they sell out, I think its fine as it is right now. - and so what if Garry, Pat & Helk has made alot of money off of this game already? Don’t you think they deserve it?

To be frank with you, I really hope your kind would stop posting these sort of immature, “sort of” begging threads.

^ What he said.
Also how hard is it to set up an alarm when it’s at $50 or so?

I stayed up until five in the morning my time :smiley: