Possible to add seconds to a timer?

Hello. I made a small script that adds timers, which play sounds randomly from 60-400 seconds. Sometimes 2 timers can have a similar randomly generated amount of seconds before they play the sounds, which is annoying, here’s an example:

if timer.TimeLeft("Spooky Child Scream") < 30 and timer.TimeLeft("Spooky Muffled Cry") < 60 then -- Do something to add 30 seconds to Spooky Muffled Cry timer because I don't want it to go off so quickly after the first one

You can easily make a function for it, it will include timer.TimeLeft, timer.Remove, and timer.Create

I’ve already tried this.

Example of the whole file:

The way I did it, I think it will forever reset since it has to go below 20 in order to play the sound. Plus, it never works for me.

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This won’t add to the timer it will just allow me to change it

Exactly… So you take the time difference, and then adjust the timer length to what you need it to be.

Thanks, that worked.
So I just learned that I can do this

local function RedoTheTimers()
timer.Adjust("Spooky Muffled Cry", 30, 9999, SpookyMuffledCry )
timer.Stop("Spooky Muffled Cry")
timer.Start("Spooky Muffled Cry")

if timer.TimeLeft("Spooky Child Scream") < 4 and timer.TimeLeft("Spooky Muffled Cry") < 5 then RedoTheTimers()

And then I can adjust it back whenever I want.

Disregard my last question that I replaced with this, as it won’t loop forever since spooky child scream would have to be below 4 seconds as well for it to reset.