Possible to get css or gmod version of this map?


If anyone can make a css or gmod version of this map that would be amazing!

Can’t you just decompile it yourself and add the needed spawnpoints and buyzones?

I don’t do any sort of mapping, nor do I have an interesting in learning mapping.

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Not sure why people rated what I said dumb, as a server owner and someone that has a real job I just do not have the time to learn mapping nor do I really have desire to become a “mapper”.

Because this isn’t the Personal Level Designer Classifieds, and your post in itself hardly warranted a thread of its own.

Not asking for this just for myself, if someone does it they can release it however they want. Where else would ask about something like this?

Mapping Question Megathread. Also did you ask the author for permission? If not, do that first.