Possible to have 2 seperate skybox textures on 1 map?

I got a small question that’s been bugging me. Is it possible to have 2 separate skybox textures on the same map? Like one skybox has one texture while a different skybox elsewhere on the map has a completely different one.

isnt there like, skybox and skybox2 on sdk?

No, there are skybox and 2d skybox textures but they both take what texture to display from the skybox texture field in the map properties dialogue. In short, without making a box textured with the skybox textures around your map (would probably look like ass) no.

kk, thanks. I already knew that the skybox and 2d skybox use the same skybox texture that’s selected. Just want to see if there was any way i didn’t know about that can get around this limitation.

It can be some what possible in SP via using SV_SKYNAME and then reloading the clients renderer.
But lighting would have to be done manually

Maybe making a fake sky with clouds in a domo model and puting it in the skybox.
Then using the lighting for the diferents areas, and also if it is dynamic change of weather u can put info_pointtemplate and make spawn effects like env_sunligth or else…
Sorry for my English. ^^

Or you could do like the Spacebuild people have been doing for ages: One real skybox, and one area with a cone-shaped “sky” with a solid colour.

The dome solution would have to be really big to avoid parallax though.

3d Skybox?

Maybe it was my imagination but I think there was a tutorial on how to have multiple skies somewhere, it was very complex and may possibly have been for the Unreal Engine.

Apparently the The Stargate Mod team did it.

Not sure how, though.

They probably did it in code.

You could make a 3d skybox, then take the sky you want and put it on a set of brushes inside the 3d skybox and tie them to a toggleable func_brush, and turn it on when you want that sky, and then turn it off when you want the other sky. You’d have to copy the vtf/vmt files and code it to be an unlitgeneric texture instead of a sky texture, though.

That would look fugly, methinks.
Nevertheless, it’s a good idea, and not that hard to make.

In theory it would not look ugly because that’s exactly what one kind of 2d skybox is anyway, it’s a cube with the 6 textures on, aligned to your view. The issue is that you cannot move independantly from it, putting it inside the map somewhere means you can.

You could always just convert your skybox texture to a 6-faced environment map texture and then just use a single plane for the skybox.

add how many skyboxes you want in the map then divide them by 0 jk.

I don’t know but you should email gabe and have him add it in the new source engine for ep3.

Source has no reason for multiple skyboxes, in the hl2 series, the maps are so detailed they are a series, so its separate maps…

If the maps were “so detailed” then they wouldn’t have static cube skybox.