Possible to host a server myself?


After having a bad experience attempting to rent a server from an unprofessional service, I decided to try and see if it was possible to host a server on my own computer for some friends, like one can do in 7 Days to Die.

I was unable to find anything on the subject.

Is it possible to do so?


Currently it is no legally possible.

this is the exact reason the servers are under attack. and the answer? just wait until we’re past alpha, and as of right now, I’m sure this whole DDoS thing has left a bad taste in Garry’s mouth as far as giving the community more access.

It is not, the server software has not been released to the public.

… I suppose I should say that it is not legitimately possible.

That’s a shame. I’d rather host it myself, like I do in 7D2D.

Thanks for the responses.