Possible to impornt Oblivion models to Source SDK?

I was wondering if it is at all possible to import a few specific models from oblivion to source? If so, can anyone do it for me/show me how? Thanks.

I sincerely apologize if there is a thread for porting questions, I was in a rush to post this. It wont happen again.

Oh my. “Impornt” :smith:

Yeah, it’s possible to. I’ve done a bunch of props and stuff, and could tell you how I did it. Ragdolls or anything animated, no can do, though. You’ll have to ask someone else.

This should be all you need:

Along with obvious stuff like the knowing how to compile models etc.

I know absolutely nothing, I’m a mapper haha, but I’ll figure it out anyways. Thank you very very much, this is VERY helpful.

Alright I know nothing of properly compiling. Is there a tutorial somewhere? I cant seem to find one for compiling to source.

Oblivion>niftools>3dsmax>smd>source compiler (studiomdl)>mdl

the newest version of studiomdl can also compile from OBJ files