Possible to load Lost Coast map in GMod?

When I load the map in gmod, it loads and has Freeman waking up at the beginning. However, after he stands up, I’m unable to move or access the q menu…any help would be appreciated

Anyone else having this same problem? or can you load lost coast from the map menu in gmod w/o any problems?

Download SDK Base 2007 and get GCFScape and copy the map into Gmod. It doesn’t have that wake-up animation, so no glitches. It works for me, so it should work for you.

After trying this way, the map from the SDK just does the auto fly-through of the map as if I were doing the video card FPS hardware test. I can’t actually move or spawn anything in the map.

Don’t know why the Lost Coast map is glitched you would think that Garry would sort it out by now.

Even the bugs on the Episode 1&2 maps.