Possible to make Bullseye Mark II from resistance II?

So do you guys think it is possible to make the Bullseye Mark II gun from Resistance II in lua? If you don’t know what the gun is I’ll explain it. The secondary fire shoots a homing tag out and all subsequent shots (primary fire) will go to the tag. I do not remember if it can shoot around walls or not but I do know that you could shoot in the complete opposite direction of the tag and the bullets would curve back. Here’s a video of it if you still dont understand. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KjOLGC8x0l8#t=4m40s. So he equips the gun. His first shot shoots the homing tag. Then you can see all the bullets curve to it.

If you think it is possible do you have any suggestion on how to accomplish it?