Possible to Save Flex Face Changes in .mdl File?

hi, all. let me tell you what im trying to do before i get into the question (please bear with me :D)

i’ve got an .mdl model that id like to import into maya. i converted it to an .smd and got it into maya fine. the problem is that its hard as hell to pose the face in maya (especially with the model i have), so i worked on trying to find an alternative way to do that.

right now im trying out the face posing in gmod/face poser/model viewer. getting the face how i want is fine, but HERE’S the question:

once i pose the face in one of those programs, is it possible to save that face to the .mdl (so that i can eventually import the model to maya and pose the rest of the body there)? or is there possibly another/easier way to go about doing this (maybe having the flex sliders or equivalent available somewhere in maya for example)?

any help or ability to shed light on this subject is GREATLY appreciated. thanks in advance!