Possible to tell if youre banned?

So I logged on to rust today and tried connecting to Rusty rust rust server and it just keeps doing “connecting” then instantly goes to the server list, I wasn’t doing anything on rusty rust rust against the rules so i dont see if i was banned and why?
But yeah is there a way to tell if im banned or is it just an alpha bug where you cant connect.

It will tell you if you were banned.

I was thinking the same thing but didn’t know if it was added yet :slight_smile: thanks

How could anyone get banned in this game lol.


No way people all already hacking… the games still in alpha…

Yup, there’s a hacker report thread in this section.

wow…. that’s just sad… People hacking in general is sad :/.

You gotta be dumb to hack on a VAC game lol stamps ya for life

LOL I know right

I got ban from the same server, didn’t hack, didn’t exploit didn’t even abuse chat system. Got ban over complains. Not proof. Complains. Go figures…

Rog and LuciferDetox, check your private messages. Things have been rectified.


Yes Thank you :slight_smile: