Possible to "update" a .bsp map file?

I’ve been wondering if I could update a .bsp file, because I have a ton of Quake.bsp’s that I wish I could retexture and experiment with them, but I cannot convert them to .vmf…so is there a program that I could use to update a .bsp to 19 or 20 or whatever?


You can update the .bsp with vmex? lemmie try real quick

Edit: I can’t seem to find anything about update the .bsp…i’ve tried converting it to .vmf but it refuses to decompile

wait, you decompile them to VMFs with vemx, then recompile them.

But it won’t decompile, thats the problem

then, my friend, im afraid that it is impossible.

Ok then, thanks anyway

Quake .bsps?

Use Bspviewer. Not Crafty, Bspviewer


Quake uses the IBSP version of the BSP format, Valve uses the VBSP format. While they both end in .bsp, the structure of the file is slightly different, so you can’t just toss a quake bsp into your gmod maps folder and expect it to work.

also ALT, that would be protection from decompilation. I believe there is a very long and tedious method of hex-editing the protection out, but I’ve never personally tried it.

Finally, if it were a VBSP bsp file, you could use lump files to patch a map. Once again, I’ve never personally done it, and I heard it’s buggy as hell. Either way, here you go: http://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/Patching_levels_with_lump_files

The “protection” is an entity with a set name. You just rename it and it cannot find it and decompiles.

Or it’s a texture on a brush, or it’s a series or brushes in a particular shape. Which are ore difficult to remove, easier to just get a hacked vmex which ignores them.

I thought you could also add a brush with a specific tool texture that would also protect it from decompilation.

Yes, it’s a custom one. I forget exactly what you have to do, because I never bother to protect my maps, since vmex butchers brushwork anyway.

Tools/locked I believe.

The only decompiler I know of that will decompile Quake maps is Winbspc, and it doesn’t decompile all Quake maps, especially those that use the modern quake compile tools like shamcty3.

You can get winbspc here: http://downloads.kingpinforever.com/utilities/mapping_tools/winbspc.v1.4.kingpin.update.zip

Another decompiler that sometimes works is bsp2map, though both completely mangle brush geometry and require a rebuild form the ground up.