Possible to use function GetSequenceMovement()?

I made an issue about it over yonder, but I wanted to see if anyone knew about it here.

Entity:GetSequenceMoveDist() and Entity:GetSequenceMoveYaw() are pretty gucci functions that allow me to extract movement from sequences, but it only actually gets the movement from the cycle 0 to 1, in which Entity:GetSequenceGroundSpeed() I think just gives off a lerp of that or some shit.

What about GetSequenceMovement() from the SDK over hither? This lets us specify the cycles we want to extract the difference in positions by x cycle to y cycle. Which means animations that change movement / directions mid-animation can have the information grabbed and used for possibly custom movement from said animations.

The question I ask then is if there is any way I can get GetSequenceMovement() as of now? Through a module? Do I make one? I’ve tried long and hard to do so but I lack C skills.