possible to write to the init.lua?

Hey, I was wondering if it was possible to make an addon able to write to the init.lua file for a gamemode, in this case TTT.

What are you trying to do?

I thought you could only write to txt files in lua.

That’s a really bad idea. So, you want an “addon” to be able to write to an init.lua file? Anyone else seeing a problem with this?

You can’t do it anyways. You can only do .txt files. Here’s a quote from the Wiki.

“You can only read/write text data. Binary data is not mutable inside Garry’s Mod using the File library.”

“Your filenames MUST end in .txt”

Nice try.

-snip- testing somethin

I do see why this could be a bad thing, which is why I figured they wouldn’t allow it. I was trying to make an ingame check-box be able to change the convar in the init.lua so that you wouldn’t have to change it every time the map switched.

edit: Geez, I got such a negative response. I’m no hacker, just a mediocre addon writer.

double edit: is there another way to get around my problem?

[lua]RunConsoleCommand( “cvar”, value )[/lua]
On server.

but again, that would just change it to whatever variable I defined in the “RunConsoleCommand” parameters. I’m adding my own ConVar, and I’d like the toggle button I have be actually useful, instead of being forced to change it in the init.lua if you don’t want to toggle it manually every map switch.

[lua]CreateConVar(“convar”, “1”, {FCVAR_ARCHIVE})[/lua]

It saves the values, on map switch, game exit and whatever.

Thank you very much!