Possible tool cupboard replacement idea.

Here we go, so we all know what is wrong with the current method of protection it has no realism to it at all, however I may have a solution. What if a spade is added to the game that allows people to excavate the terrain around their base to make it unstable ground which when built on would cause the constructed piece to decay/degrade very quickly eventually causing the construction to be damaged completely, this could also put an end to rock bases once and for all (though I don’t mind them)

Once excavated land could look something like this, very unstable. Just an idea and obviously it’s implications would need to be looked at.


On a serious note, i’m not fond of this idea mostly because i’m an aesthetically driven person. It would drive me bonkers having to do this around my house so people cant raid tower it easily :(. I personally don’t mind the tool cubbard -idea-. We could apply some sort of magical humbo jumbo or something to introduce subtle magical cues. I also wouldn’t be opposed to a better idea being squeezed in. The tool cubbards prevent the solo raider. Which is a very very good thing. Its a pain in the butt for any solo dude to raid some big teams house. Its still cake to annihilate a raid teams house while they arent online though.

Putting in excavation would be substantially more work to add to the map.

The tool cupboard is temporary and is intended to block building griefing, since the game doesn’t prevent you from walling someone’s door in with a wall an inch away, otherwise.

I am gonna resurrect my idea of what TOOL cupboards must do for this one:

Tools cupboards have to authorize player to use tools, they can always build whatever they want but they cannot use the hammer to upgrade and such. There is space for three tools in the cupboard, if there is a tool of one kind inside the cupboard then no one is authorize to use that kind of tool but the cupboard owner (over the cupboard radius).

I like the op idea, some kind of building part, a foundation that destroy the terrain converting it into a no building zone. So you need a tool, a shovel, but it is not a excavation cause you are not going down the ground (something that will blow unity). The no build foundation could be like the picture, some holes and rocks.

It will go like this: you and your pals build your house like you do now, then you start to terraformate as much ground around your house as you can to protect your interest. If somebody else want to build in your no building ground they need to fix the terrain first, they can fix it with pickaxes or shovels.

It could be fun if the no building terrain allows to be build one or two pillars randomly, that way the raiders may be able to have a bridge to your house with some luck.

That is what alpha is for ;D more work

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yes that is also a good idea.

Some sort of cobbling or paving could accomplish this as well, and let us build roads ourselves.

I hope tool cupboards stay the way they are they are a great idea tbh, although I feel like they should offer storage

If you can excavate the area around your base, what’s to stop me from hauling in backfill?

As for the tool cupboard, they really don’t prevent raiding and they add a degree of enjoyment to the game in that you can’t have someone barricade you into your home with a single block. I’ve been saying the cupboard needs to go away and get replaced with something a little more plausible, but at the same time, the tool cupboard is far from the most ridiculous thing in Rust. I mean, Rust literally lets you carry around enough lumber to build a 3-story house, and then build it in a matter of minutes.

I see the cupboard as a tradeoff right now. I can’t really get worked up about it.

“Completely replacing the entire map generation system with voxelized terrain” is a massive amount of work. It’d derail terrain improvement for probably six months. Plus, garry’s already looked into voxel terrains a while back, and I suspect there’s a reason Rust isn’t using it now.

Your one single feature, adding a shovel so you can excavate around your base, would require a complete overhaul of part of the game.