Possible Water Bug?


It’s been bugging me a bit that the water reflection(?) sparkles white very rapidly whenever it’s on screen.

I checked both fast and fantastic settings and took screenshots of them both:

Fast: http://i.gyazo.com/80e5d48ad4180b08a7d7f4f461172336.png

Fantastic: http://i.gyazo.com/6d3533a2f0f35661d07c8c860b185f75.png (Doesn’t look as bad in this picture, but it is)

Anyone know why this happens?

Because it’s experimental and that sort of thing will happen. If it “bugs” you that it’s happening, don’t play experimental. You’re playing the bleeding edge of updates.

Yes I realize that, but when I ask other people if they’re getting the same thing they say no, so I was just curious as to why it’s supposedly only happening to me.

What are your system specs? Is your graphics driver up to date?

Have you tried turning it off & on again?


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Do I actually have to explain to you why it would be important to understand what sort of system the OP is running Rust on when it’s acting buggy for them and not others?