Possible way to get models from the new AVP demo?

Just wanna know if there is a way to get the models and textures from the AVP3 demo. I was thinking of getting the weapons or so

i was thinking the same, those models would be awsome to have

Any idea on which engine the game runs?

I wish I knew, I tried google but couldn’t find anything.

Same here

Wikipedia claims that it runs on the Asura engine.

I getting the same on google, it says that it runs on the Asura engine, but I cant find any known games(that have been ported) with the Asura engine.

There’s an M41A model that was created for left4dead, it’s on FPSB.

Go ahead an rate me dumb, it works.

I did a scene rip in a match with dx ripper, it was rather fail with everything in action poses. Now if i could be bothered to t-pose it all…

do it…


Nein because t-posing is hard as fuck.


Just about…

Its beautiful

I dont know what to say… I’m day dreaming… that is beautiful!

What a coincidence, I just ported the alien.


GAH lillwasa that is awesome

SO MUCH EPICNESS I HAVE BEEN SEEING! Please tell me your gonna release that, we need a new Alien badly

Yes I will release it, when it’s done.


Fuck yeah

I was going to reply to this earlier, but now he looks silly.