Possible ways to decrease amounts of Gmod Crashes?

What things can I do to decrease the amount of times Gmod crashes on me? Mainly, Gmod crashes because of:
-While turning left on the map GM.TowerofTerror
-Loading too many spawnicons
-Loading certain maps by using Mount2 (L4D and Insurgency)

Any ways to stop these crashes from happening

Remove some addons.

stop using teh h4x


No, really, things like baconbot crash the game because they aren’t made properly.

If gmod crashes while loading spawn icons, you should likely get a warning in the upper-right hand corner of your screen saying something along the lines of ‘OS paged pool memory low.’ This means you need to increase the size of your virtual memory. Google to find out how.

Here’s how.

  1. Get a better video card
  2. -dxlevel 80 in Launch Options

If all else fails, get rid of your Dell.

graphics card isn’t the only possible cause for a crash, you know.

I have a decent computer but it crashes in singleplayer nowadays more often. I found a reason, too much addons. Holy shit, i realised that i have almost 15gb of addons. So yeah, delete some unneeded addons.

15GB? Are you shitting me?

Erm, nope.