Possible Wolf Model?

I was wondering. Considering I play a lot of HL2RP and such, I got slightly curious. I see people making their models into things like a Crow or Headcrab, but when they move, the limbs don’t. It looks god-awful. I was just wondering, if you were able to model an actual wolf, is it possible to make it into a working model, with walking and jumping animations? If so, how would you do it, and how hard would it be?

If you didn’t mind it walking like a human you could rig it as a valve biped. Otherwise you’d have to use the move hooks to call the animations yourself.

You would have to make the model and all required animations that would be used.

It doesn’t need to be a 1:1 match of all existing animations (in terms of quantity and naming); but everything that will be able to be called by the player will need to be there

I’m guessing you wouldn’t need to add all ~20 weapons variants that Gmod supports, but at the very least you’d want a movement cycle in all 9 directions, + a basic aimlayer for looking around when standing still.

Ultimately most of your needs can be reduced (and restricted, in this case) through LUA as far as I’m aware. For a wolf (that doesn’t walk around like a human) you would probably want to write custom movement stuff.

I’m moving this to the modelling section since you put it in the wrong section!

might want to ask this guy?

although i don’t think this is rigged

Well you can always get the model from here:

The game is called overgrowth, and if i remember right i have posted some of the models from it. However they are not rigged so you’ll have to rigg them, on the other side they are T posed and will fit the default valve bipped skeleton.

I think he’s wanting like, an quadrapedal wolf, not a bipedal one. I was actually thinking the other day, how would a quadraped work in source engine games.

If you do all the animations correctly, it will work just fine. As an npc at least. dunno how well you could get it as a player model, as it would need different physics

Yeah, I was thinking of a quadriped. Hm… How hard do you guys think it would be to actually code it?

Coding it wouldn’t be the problem, animating it would.
(I wonder how a quadropedal wolf would use items? :v: Just mount them on the back ala Quake 3?)

Wolves are cool.
That’s all I came here to say.