Possible word filtering/removal system.

By the looks of it, garry/the community does not want to have “unpleasant users and comments” and most unpleasant comments involve curse words. I believe a while back that garry added a parent’s guide to the website garrysmod.com saying that this can be a children’s game and whatnot. If garry still cares about the children, he should add some sort of word filter that takes out the unpleasant words such as cursing and whatnot.

I’m pretty sure it’s not hard to create a lua script that filters chat, so you should probably create one instead of getting it filtered from the game entirely.


I mean that the toybox comments should get the filter, you can’t do that with lua

I think we should all grow up a bit and accept that curse words are going to happen. Filtering is stupid.

Yay! lets all curse alot now! Right to Freedom of Speech!

But… But…What about the children? D…D…Don’t you care about the children?

Shit balls fuck cunt dick bitch…

Seriously everyone will hear this words almost every fucking days of there life. Grow up and accept the toughness of WORDS.

Yes, I should grow up because I’m thinking about the children.
Also I was joking about the Children part.

Swearing should be replaced with pink hearts, like on SPUF.

:love: you Siplus you are a :love:ing :love:got you piece of :love:!

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