Possible worst GMod Gamemode Ever

Just when I thought GMod RP gamemodes couldn’t have gotten any worse, someone comes around and makes SlaveRP. Like really, who wants to RP as a Slave, and/or Slave Owner. The really messed up thing is that its actually getting players! Think about all those welly made custom RP servers that are blank while this one almost full. What do you people think about this?

Does it matter? It’s a minority gamemode that we can easily pretend doesn’t exist.

Actually it sounds like it’d be fun for shits and giggles.

I think it’s a great idea because maybe then people into all that roleplay shit can stick to their own servers and not ruin mine.

I would ignore it if it didn’t have so many players. Plus its part of a large community that has a lot of players.

Does the Garry’s Mod community just get like a fucking darts board, shove a ton of randomly generated sticky notes on it and then whenever the dart lands, that’s what gets turned into an RP gamemode this week

sounds like HL2RP without the HL2

This month’s RP is

oh wait, that already is what RP is for admins

isnt every server daycare for administrators these days?


makes it all the more painful when you actually pour shitloads of effort into a gamemode and nobody gives a shit.

yeah gotta love it when people join my server, say “these weapons are fucking awesome!” then leave after 10 minutes :suicide:

Someone literally said ‘This gamemode is awesome I’m going to play this every day’ and I never saw him ever again.

What if he was in a rush to tell all his friends and died in a terrible crash because he was going too fast?

99% of the time: CUSTOM DarkRp

Custom as in loaded with tons of addons that make the gamemode unbalanced

That’s not true they’re full of anime playermodels too.

EbolaRP: Avoid the Africans.

And I was just about to say that…

[sp]A gamemode based on infection where you’d have to take care of not getting infected would be quite interesting, though…[/sp]

I’ve seen five nights at Freddie’s RP. The owner never paid fully for the HUD I made for him, so here is a screenshot of possibly the worst HUD in existence.


Oh shit I forgot it was that bad.

my eyes! the goggles do nothing!

I dubbed it Checkboard City because it was a run-of-the-mill DarkRP clone that someone forgot to make the textures downloadable.