Possibly basic mapping question

Okay, two questions:

First, how do you make that black wall (like in gm_construct v5 and gm_hugeflatconstruct) over door ways and windows that is black until you get close and then they disappear?

Second, does this cut down on lag or does it just look cool?

cuts down lag


I can’t get either to work, what am I doing wrong? I used the area portal texture like I’m supposed to, they just won’t work for me. Would someone be kind enough to give me a tutorial on area portals other than the Hammer wiki page?

Just using the areaportal texture doesn’t make it an areaportal window. You need to make it the func_areaportal_window entity (or something like that).

The way I do it is this.

  1. Make a func_areaportalwindow (textured with the areaportal texture) on a door/window/whatever.
  2. Make a func_brush that is textured with tools/toolsblack and make it about the same size and put it in the same place as the areaportal. (I have made it a little bigger than the areaportal, no idea if that actually affects anything.)
  3. Give the func_brush a name (fb_areaportalbrush1 for instance)
  4. Open the properties of the areaportal and put the name of the func_brush in the BackgroundBModel keyvalue.

It should work now.

The way it helps with framerate is that the area sealed by the areaportal doesn’t get rendered when you are too far away from the areaportal. You should also completely seal the area with the areaportals, if there is a non-areaportalled way into an areaportalled place, it will cause a leak as far as I know.

Most indepth out of everything I’ve found so far, but I still can’t get it to work, maybe if I post EXACTLY what I’m doing someone can point out my error(s)?

1.I have a hall that I want to not be viewable at a distence, so I use the toolsareaportal brush to create another wall across the door way (no door)
2.I give it the func_areaportalwindow class. I change the Fade start/end Distance to my liking.
3. I create a brush with the toolsblack material at the same size and place of my func_areaportalwindow. I changed the class to func_brush and named it 1.
4. I change the func_areaportalwindow’s Foreground bmodel to 1 (name of the func_brush).
5. I compile my map and walk up to the area where teh brushes are, I can’t get through due to an invisble wall and the hallway is visible across the map.

I’m running on the Orangebox engine sdk if that helps.

make sure the func_brush has no collision enabled, I think you are running into the collision for the func_brush

Yeah, but that doesn’t solve my original problem…

your original problem being?

From what I am reading, it seems as though your areaportal is properly working, but there is an invisible wall blocking you from walking across. I am assuming that this is the func_brush that you placed in front of it, and disabling collision on it will allow you to walk across.

If you can see through it everywhere you set your areaportal up wrong.

I don’t think you read enough, but my main problem is I can’t get areaportals to work.
It would help if someone could release a vmf for me of a couple rooms with areaportals so I could learn from that. Any takers?

I can do that.

Wait a few minutes.


Alright, here it is. A download link to the .vmf I made for you. http://cdn.solidfiles.net/info_imgs/kY7v.jpg

These are screenshots I took in-game to show that it works:

Rating me dumb for saying it was set up wrong is stupid because it isn’t working, therefore it was done wrong. Stop abusing the rating system.

Rating system? I didn’t even know there was one! I’m still new around here, care to explain the rating system?

EDIT: Never mind, I found it.