Possibly ripping off the helicopter code, but for good reasons

Hi, first time here. I had the idea of making the Hunter Helo from Half Life 2 into a pilotable vehicle. Only one problem stood in between that idea at the time, no desent animations for it to be used. Until Sakarias88 came with the method of the animation, I desided to go back to the idea of the hunter helicopter to a player vehicle. Im kinda hoping a few people would help me out with this. My skills are a bit rusty in the lua and scripting cause I only made ones for my PC and I kinda forgot after awhile XD There was only one thing I like to point out about Sakarias88’s helicopter, it seemed to sway to one side causing some problems during flight, just saying. So if anyone can help me out here, it would really help. First thing people wish they could after seeing that helicopter, “I WANTS TO FLY XD”

And the LUA scripting thread is not present for your LUA needs?

Using someone else’s code is fine if they give you permission, and you credit it to them.

I don’t know if Sakarias is keen on letting his shit out.

But for any LUA needs, go to the LUA scripting section.

Its not just Lua, I need help with a “Still Version” of the Hunter Helo’s propellors in order to make it as if its not in use. Its the modeling I have issues with. Im hoping that I could get some people for this to post it on Garrysmod.org when its finished. The scripting needs to also be changed. Its a one man helicopter with a seat centered. Sakarias’s Lua files are what I needed with a little tweaks here and there. If Sakarias88 desided to help, it might get done alot faster. So basicly the list goes as so:

1.Seating of the player must be set to be in the center of the vehicle in the cockpit
2.All 3 propellors of the Hunter Helo have to be recreated into “Still” versions(Still allow the rudder to move side to side like the NPC)
3.New sounds for the gun( And if possible, make the gun able to move with the mouse to a limit).
4.A One-Man craft

So if anyone will help, please tell me. I would really appreciate it.

Model requests section?

Basicly yes. There are some images that would help with making a “still” prop, meaning its not in motion. I still have to do a few different additions to the helo such as a rear landing gear or something.

Added 10:03am: Nevermind the landing gear part since I found the image that would help if someone if they are willing to do the modeling.


I would really like it if someone could do that for me. Modeling isnt my thing anyway >.<

yo bro, stop leechin’. You don’t own tr3d.com. Upload that picture to another host.

Its a image, no one cares if its from a site anymore. Plus, why would I re-upload it if its there? Man, you make no sence. Phail on your part.

You’re leeching off of their bandwidth…

I’m sure I “phail” in that I don’t leech stuff from other people’s bandwith!!! You’re lucky they don’t have a redirect script to goatse us.

though that’d be awesome.


oh yeah what the christ you want a combine helicopter, but can neither model nor code. your grand plan is to steal the code from sakarias88 and get some other poor schmuck to build the helicopter for you with modelling software.

there’s already a combine helicopter SENT that you can pilot and shit, why are you reinventing the wheel? wait wait, that’s not right… why would you ask other people to reinvent the wheel for you?

A: Its just an Image, nothing more.
B: A proper Hunter Chopper isnt made and dude, just stfu already about it.
C: Leeching? Seriously, find a better excuse than “Leeching”, no one cares if you didnt get the memo.
D: Im asking for someone to help create a model or a ragdoll, or that matter, for the lua and scripts to be applied.
and E: If you guys are gonna bitch about a image, just cause it came from imageshack.com, your just making a point of being that retarded in the first place.

For C, when you are a web designer and need a host to keep your site up, just for some ungrateful asshat (in this instance, you) to come along and leech your bandwidth by posting a link on a populated public forum. When the host realizes the sudden spike in bandwidth usage they may increase hosting fees or completely disable the site until the bandwidth usage recedes.

Tl;dr: Stop being an idiot and upload the picture on a dedicated picture host.

oh dear god

See, you’re stealing their bandwith. It’s not cool when you do that sort of shit. So it’s a little bit more than just “an Image”. I’m letting you know about this so in future you can avoid doing this.

Let’s see, a mouse-controlled flying Combine Helicopter with features for dropping mines and spraying tons of weak-as-piss bullets has been built. I’ve seen the SENT on a few servers. I guess you can dismiss that out-of-hand as “not proper”, but then again, nothing will reach your standards of a “true” hunter helicopter. Something something “no true scotsman”.

“I’m only asking for someone to create a model, and also to apply the lua to make it work”. Mind telling me what else is left after everyone else does these two things for you? The all important step of slapping your name on it and uploading it to GMOD.ORG for fame and glory is yours, I guess.

That image most definitely isn’t referring from imageshack. The reason why I’m pointing out that you’re being a dumb leecher is because imageshack is an image hosting service that runs ads to cover the cost of bandwith incurred by being referred to by other websites. The image you posted is from tdr3d.com, which most likely isn’t an image hosting service that etc. etc. etc.

Just reupload to imageshack you gigantic pillock, instead of insisting that you’re in the right.

It’s ridiculously easy to set up some anti-hotlink measures. If the site wants to stop a hotlink from Facepunch, they can with just a few lines in a .htaccess file.

Seeing as I’m not seeing a “No Hotlink” thingy, this is fine.

Yes, because it’s considered bloody stupid to leech from websites. I’m sure they’ll change their tune when the bandwith bill turns up.

I’m not sure if you’re being obtuse, but you’re saying that if they didn’t have an access file that restricted external linking from pretty much everywhere on the internet except tr3d.com, then wherever they neglected to select has fair game of their bandwith?

You’ve got to be shitting me.

Is this another of those “make everything for me and let me take credit” threads?

Maybe they will, maybe they won’t. Depends on how it’s getting paid for.

If it’s some 40-year-old who lives in Mommy’s basement living on Cheetos, he’ll probably do it. But if this site’s been a major hub for what it does for a couple years (i.e. the FPSBanana of whatever it does), then they might not care.

I can’t believe someone’s saying this.

It’s theft? Actual theft of services? Just because they don’t have countermeasures for the theft, doesn’t mean that they’re liable if someone is a douchebag and refers to it?

edit: Add me on steam. I can’t believe that we’re having this conversation.

We’re not talking about people just referring to an image via hyperlink, that’s considered kosher. If you’re actually displaying the image in the thread, you’re eating up their bandwith. There’s a difference.


Seriously I can’t believe anyone has said, with a straight face, “well that bitch deserved it, she was walking down a dark alley at night”, or “well, that dude deserved it, he didn’t lock his car”.

Thanks! Always love getting my post skimmed. Also, I don’t argue with people over Steam, you can fuck yourself in that respect.

What I am saying is some people actually don’t fucking CARE.

I’m sayin’ the people that do care are the ones that are going to be looking at a bandwith spike because some toolbag decided to leech.

It’s important because the attitude you’re using basically allows anyone to “leech”.

Also, why won’t you talk to me over steam? It’s easier that way for both of us. No more posting in the thread, and no more embarrassing moments when you suggest that stealing bandwith is above board.

This is kind of a dumb thing to be advocating. Those quotes I supplied were of analogous things, what you’re doing is putting the blame onto the victim. Stating callously that “because they either lacked the foresight to put up an .htaccess file or the knowledge to do so, makes it their fault that they get their bandwith leeched”.

Kind of a bizarre thing to say.


Also, what argument? You’re saying, in all seriousness, that it’s the image provider’s fault if leeching occurs because they did not put up a redirect for it. Not the leecher’s. :psyduck:

Not only that, but you’re assuming that leeching is a victimless crime while saying that the victims are at fault for it?! What planet do you live on?