Possibly the Worst Garry's Mod Server In History

Hello everyone, you’re probably reading this because you wanted to see possibly the worst server in history. Now this server is bad, I’ve seen bad, but this is just incomprehensibly BAD.
The server is called Lightbox Darkrp, or something similar to that. They have the worst admin team, and the best part of it is the server is hosted by an 8 year old who has won the award of “Best Admin Abuser.”
Anyways, they do small things like noclip around the whole place and such. The owner has a tendency to constantly spawn weapons for themselves, such as: Admin gun, M249, and the crossbow.
So the owner gained some popularity for his server by inviting all his elementary school friends to his server and then it evolved into a more populated server, to say the least.
This kid owns a server, whom he pays for, and he has an admin force of kids; I barely see any good admins on that server. All of this admins fly around in noclip with billions of dollars and admin guns, they also
love to just ruin the RP in general. So you may asking a question, why are you posting this?! Well the answer to that is a silly one, I got banned; simple as that. I got banned for something I didn’t do because of the dumb owner.
I just want to put this out there so nobody will join their server to experience the horrible roleplay. Do what you want to it, I honestly don’t care: troll on it, propkill on it, or just rdm on it, I really do not care.

I really thank you for spending the time of reading this.

On a further note I rate this server a 0/10.

that’s why

IP please


Wanted to get my own opinion, before posting.

Not sure why they felt name calling was justified, but they atleast acknowledge that the administrators are a problem, so I’m not sure what else can be done there.

Slightly questionable thing, which I hope they don’t do, when there’s a lot of people on.

They seemed nice, though, compared to some others.


(User was banned for this post ("Facepunch is not your personal army" - MaxOfS2D))

You know. . . You’re advertising their server just by posting this.

He never posted their IP

He gave the name.

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Go ddos it, I take it back! It’s the worst server ever! Fuck it up bros!


Coughs to clear his throat.

Why not? Nothing wrong with that, everyone hates it!

Sorry if your new here, but thats considered “Baiting”.

The only baiting I know, is to do with fishing.

Welcome to the Internet.

Facepunch isnt the Internet… /facepalm

LmaoLlama Basewars

Lets just say, Facepunch and The Internet isn’t the only thing your new to and leave it at that.

joined the server and started impersonating people and getting them banned

vry gud serve

Because DDOSing is illegal and owning a shit server is not
Leave them alone, if they are as bad as you say they are they will die out soon enough