Possibly warez, but I have no other way. (mdl request)

So I can’t use GCFscape because, long story short, Crossover Games doesn’t support it. And I need the Weighted Companion Cube model from Portal. To prove I have portal, here is my steam page. Anyways, I was wondering is someone could maybe extract the model files for the companion cube for me. If you guys can’t because it’s illegal or something, I understand. Mods lock this thread if it’s warez. If someone can do it, PM me the link or something with rapidshare or preferably megaupload. Thanks.

Warez. it’s content from a copyrighted work.

http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=763285&highlight=first+slice, Im pretty sure it has the cube.

Ah, thanks.

Just get the demo and take it from the Gcf’s. It’s legal