Post a map and we will review it!

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We will review any map if you ask for it done. And we will do addons and game modes if you want that also. We will upload it to YouTube.
Any map we will do it, any game mode we will play it any addon we will use it, just comment on our channel or pm us and we will get it done

can you review sandbox please

Um ok

Fireart and Blushell.

Yep will get right on it.

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But i can only do the puzzle one as i do not yet have cs or hl

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How the hell is that dumb -_-

Do you only review deathmatch / roleplay maps?
of not, review metastruct . :smiley:

Yeah, give CapsAdmin a good review. Sure he’ll flash his baps for you.

we will do any maps just need requests.

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Is there a game mode names after him? explain please… :slight_smile:

It’s a server named “metaconstruct” in the Sandbox gamemode. Give it a look and I’m sure you’ll see some interesting things.



Could you please review The escape series,

sb_omen (workshop)

there is a puzzle thing that spans several planets. try to solve it