Post-apoc Truck

I made this truck as an entry for the contest: Build the coolest vehicle. It features rear swingaxel suspension and independent on the front. rear mounted engine + a plow and a rusty look. Tell me what you think :smiley:


Its huge.

The “build the coolest vehicle” contest is in like a day or two…you couldn’t wait to post on the correct date? I know there’s a late button, where’s the early one?

It just ends on sunday, you can still post there and you should post entries there now before it’s too late

[IMG] your images

Angry Truck Is Angry

Ill try.
EDIT: Tell me if you see them, since i cant.

go to those links.
right click the image.
copy image location. (or something similar to that, this is defintely on chrome and firefox afaik)
go to facepunch and paste that into the img tags.

what you put into the image tags is the webpage they are on.

thanks, got them working now