Post-Apocalypse map suggestions for a Fallout RP server


I’m part of a community called, where we have a couple interesting little Fallout-styled RP and S.T.A.L.K.E.R. RP servers going. I think it’s a lot of fun, but we’ve come across a bit of a conundrum as of lately. There have been some changes in administration and a number of people are considering we get some new content.

We want new maps.

Problem is, apparently the post-apocalypse maps are a pain in the ass to find. I’ve come across a few on, but not many of them are any good (at least for what we want to do). Thus, I’ve come here to ask for your suggestions! Share your favorite apocalyptic maps in the thread below!

Here’s what I’m looking for:

  • Big maps
  • Roleplaying maps. Not construct maps or deathmatch maps–unless you think they’re good enough to be used in roleplay.
  • Overall interesting

Maps we already use are…

  • GM_Atomic
  • RP_Apocalypse
  • CS_Desert_v2-1

Maps suggested so far that I took interest to…

  • None yet! Care to help out?

Or that. Anyone wanna be our new community mapper? >_>

Get a mapper.

That would be helpful too. >_> We might have had one at some point but he’s disappeared.

A community as big as HGN shouldn’t have any problems with getting a hold of a decent mapper.

Yes, but the Fallout RP is still in its early stages of development–so if there’s a mapper in the community, they’re probably too busy with STALKER or Crussaria or the new Star Wars RP.