Post-Apocalyptic Bar

My first edit, C&C and all that.


The grain is a bit too heavy, but I like the pic.

It certainly looked like the Megaton bar on first sight.

Looks like rivet city

Too heavy on the noise and blur.

You think so? I thought it was the right amount when I compared to other screenshots that had the effect, but maybe I could go a little easier on it next time.


Nothing else to say?


Remove the noise and it will be better.

The bar looks alot like megatons bar from Fallout 3.

Kinda nice. Good prop-placement although the bloom and grain is a little heavy for me.

Yeah, exactly what I was thinking.

But I think the grain fits, good going dude.

it looks really good.

Reminds me more of the raider bar than megaton’s

And yeah, too much noise.

I really like it, and the grain fits perfectly