Post-apocalyptic flatbed truck.

So I just felt bored and somehow decited to postapocalyptize my old truck, and now felt like putting it there because I haven’t posted anything for ages.


Needs work, that I’m not really going to do.

the nose if my favorite

:monocle: wow, that’s awesome!

The rear bumper is remarkably clean.

That scenery is revolutionary.

Oh god :byodood:


Im watching mad max, then i came across this, i like

Bonus points if the gun is functional.

Very very cool

rly like, engine no like. should be a straight 6, not a v-trillion

Finally, something that is worth admiring has been posted in these forums in a long time. Thank you.

Rape truck has no brakes.

V-14 what da fuck. awesome truck. Needs more mad max on contraptoons.

People make good post-apocalyptic vehicles here but this is undoubtedly the best one. The cowcatcher on the front is my favorite.

Tru dat, however I didn’t really want to put much effort into it (LAZY), so I quickly put together a crappy engine just to have something in there.

But seeing that people seem to like it (didn’t expect that), I might actually work on it a bit more.

Thanks guys.

It’s called a bullbar in english and the bullbar on this truck is more like a plow than a bullbar :geno:

For them zombie hordes. Just in case.


I should make more post apocalyptic stuff :geno:

awesome :buddy:

well whatever; you know what i mean. the plow in the front in old steam locos is a cowcatcher, kinda messed it up.